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Alan-Robinson-Paradigm-Convergence-Alan-RobinsonAlan Robinson is a recognised businessman and entrepreneur in the fields of Aviation, telecommunications and media, with a 30 year track record as the Chairman, CEO or Managing Director of companies specialising in the licensing, ownership, design, build, operation and development of complex and often “disruptive” technology and infrastructure projects of medium to long duration and high capital growth.

These have included the development and certification of new Very Light Jet (“VLJ”) aircraft & air taxi; the ownership, development and operation of privatised Regional Airports in Europe as well as the design, construction and operation of new-build airports; the franchising, design, installation and operation of large scale broadband telecommunications and submarine cable systems; the creation of local Cable and Satellite channels; and the creation of a national guide publication.

As an innovative industry leader and founder of many small to medium sized companies (including Telewest), this has necessitated the ability to deal with national and international government licensing of infrastructure, complex international corporate structures, raising substantial equity and debt finance and to sit on the boards of many UK and European companies and trade Associations.

In March 2008, at the age of 56, Alan stepped down as the active CEO of West Midlands International Airport Limited and also as the Chairman and CEO of Convergence International Airports Organisation Limited (“CIAO”), to pursue more actively his passion for flying and photography in conjunction with looking for new business opportunities principally in Africa, America (North and South), Canada and Europe, for ERRAF Limited (an Anglo American Joint Venture company).

From 2005 to 2008 Alan was Chairman of CAFCO-C, airport group holding company and the CEO of Coventry International Airport in the West Midlands. Since 2004 CIAO has been active in the acquisition and development of a number of European regional airports being privatised as well as the design and construction of three new build airport projects in Spain, Italy and a new airport on the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic some 1,500 miles off West Africa.

Alan and his family lived in Greece from 1997 to 2003 where he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Silk Route, Silk Route Telecommunications S.A.,
Convergence Communications of Greece E.P.E, and Convergence Ventures Ltd. Since 1997, Alan was based in the Mediterranean developing the business of Convergence in the region. For twenty two years he was the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive of The Convergence Group Plc., (formerly European Broadband Systems Plc.) and was a Director of Convergence Group International S.A. (“CGI”) until 2003.

From January 1991 until January 1996, Alan was also Chairman and Chief Executive of Eurobell (Holdings) PLC. At that time, Eurobell was the UK’s eighth largest MSO operator holding franchises in Crawley, South Devon and West Kent.

Alan was a pioneer, owner and developer of the UK and USA broadband cable telecommunications industry for over 27 years and was responsible for franchising more than 2.5 million broadband homes in the UK. Upon his return to the UK after working in Athens, Greece for many years pre Olympic Games, he established a new presence in the UK regional airport industry when, in 2004, he founded CIAO and Convergence-AFCO Holdings Ltd (“CAFCOHL”) in partnership with Aviation Facility Company Inc (“AFCO”) from the USA.

In 2005 CAFCOHL bid for and successfully acquired through its subsidiary CAFCO (Coventry) limited, the ownership and operation of West Midlands International Airport at Coventry with some 800,000 passengers per annum. CAFCOHL changed its name to ERRAF Limited in December 2008.

His initial training experience was gained in the USA where he worked for, among others, Cable Telecommunications Inc, a business with mature networks and high penetration rates. He has wide experience of commercial cable TV operations and broadband technology.

In 1982, Alan founded Croydon Cable Television Limited, one of the 11 initial UK pilot cable franchises and, as Managing Director, was responsible for its successful construction and operation until the sale of the franchise to United Cable in 1987, which then became Telewest, listed in 1994 for £1.8 bn. During this same period he established and managed Cable Guide Limited, a national weekly cable TV programme listings magazine, formed Crystalvision, the award-winning local channel and Production Company, and the UK Cable operators buying group which is now the BRAVO channel.

In 1987 Alan founded West Midlands Cable Communications Limited (“WMCC”), and subsequently won franchises covering 620,000 homes, including the Black Country (at the time, the largest franchise in Europe) and Telford. From 1989 to 1991 he was the Managing Director of Goldcrest Communications Limited (Goldcrest Film) and he negotiated the profitable sale of the Black Country and Telford franchises to South Western Bell International Holdings Limited. At the same time, Convergence purchased the Crawley, Horley and Gatwick franchise -Eurobell.

From 1993 to 1999 Alan was a Director of the Cable Communications Association (UK) and for a period, held the position of Vice Chairman. From 1994 to 1997, he represented the UK on the European DVB Standards Board.

Alan has been the Chairman of the European Federation of Advanced Communications Technologies (EuroFACT), was a member of the Federation of Electronic Industries (“FEI”), the Trade Association (formerly EEA), and sat on the New Technologies Broadband Committee (“NTBC”) and the European Information and Technology Association (“EITA”); For more than 10 years his company managed or participated in leading edge technology research under the European Research into Advanced Telecommunications (“RACE”) programme under DGXIII; He was on the Advisory Board of the Visionaire Vantage VLJ development programme for 4 years and has been involved in the Eclipse VLJ development of 1,100 aircraft for DayJet.

He is a member of Airports Council International (“ACI”); European Business Aircraft Association (“EBAA”); the Institute of Directors (“IOD”); Aviation Club UK; Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (“AOPA”); and Experimental Aircraft Association (“EAA”). He is on the Board of Managers of Wingedfoot Aviation Holdings LLC, and the Advisory board of DayJet Corporation (Delaware). He also sits on the Board of The Art of Living Life (Charlotte) and the Advisory Board of The Herring Houses of Dothan (Alabama).

Directorships: See list attached
Qualifications:Diploma in Company Direction, Institute of Directors, 1986.

  • BA Fine Art (Photography), University of Texas at Austin, Texas,
  • 3 GCE “A” levels (Maths, Physics and Applied Maths), Croydon
    Technical College, Surrey, 1969.
  • 9 GCE “O” levels from Purley County Grammar, Coulsdon, Surrey,
  • Airline Transport Pilot (“ATP”), Multiengine Land & Sea, Fixed
    & Rotary Wing, Drone Commercial – since 1972.
  • PADI Rescue diver & Y.M.C.A. Scuba Diver since 1972.
  • The MOSCOW Conference on Law& Economic Cooperation, The
    Kremlin 1990.


  • Institute of Directors (“IOD”) London -since 1983
  • Institute of Advanced Motorists (“IAM”) – since 1968
  • Airports Council International (“ACI”) – since 2006
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (“AOPA”)- since 1997
  • Aviation Club UK – since 2006
  • Experimental Aircraft Association (“EAA”) – since 1999
  • European Business Aircraft Association (“EBAA”) –since 2004
  • Malibu, Mirage, Owners & Pilots Association (“MMOPA”) – since 1999
  • Jersey Aero Club (“JAC”) – since 1998
  • MMIG46 Europe – since 2001
  • Visionaire Corporation Inc., Vantage Aircraft Advisory Board 1997 to 2001
  • DayJet LLC, Advisory Board – 2006 to 2009

Associations: continued…

  • Wingedfoot Aviation LLC, Board of Managers since 2004
  • The Cable Communications Association (“CCA”) – 1983 to 1999
  • Federation of Electronic Industries (“FEI”) – 1986 to 2002
  • European Information & Technology Association (“EITA”) – 1996
  • Research into Advanced Communications in Europe (“RACE”) programme under DGXIII – 1991 to 2001
  • Digital Video Broadcasting Standards Board – 1994 to 1996
  • European Cable Television Association – 1994 to 1999
  • The Art of Living Inc, USA, Board of Directors – since 2004
  • The Herring Houses of Dothan, USA, Advisory Board – since 2006

Alan Robinson Career Timeline

Career History By Dates


2015 – 2017

Paradigm Bio Aviation


2010 – 2014

CEO Convergence Group International, Paradigm Energies and CIAO


2008 – 2009

Sustainable Aviation environmental advisor for CIAO Ltd.


2005 – 2008

CHAIRMAN CAFCO-C, European airport group holding company.


2005 – 2008

CEO West Midlands International Airport Limited –Coventry


2004 – NOW

FOUNDER & DIRECTOR ERRAF Limited as USA/UK Aviation Joint Venture partnership to own, develop and operate regional airports and related facilities in Europe and USA.


2004 – 2008

CHAIRMAN & CEO CIAO Limited, airport development and management company –operator of Coventry airport.


1999 -2003

CEO Silk Rout Holdings SA and Silk Route Systems which gained the first International facilities Licence to land a 2,100 km optical fibre submarine cable into Greece from Milan, Italy for 2004 Olympics. Pioneered the use of wireless broadband into Greece and Internet data centres.


1997 – 2003 

FOUNDER & CEO Convergence Group International SA, which became the master holding company for all telecoms and aviation activities in UK, Europe and USA. Moved family to Athens, Greece.


1996 – 2003

PRESIDENT of Convergence Communications of Greece EPE formed as subsidiary of TCG (see earlier 1985) for a bid to build a broadband data system in Piraeus, Athens, Greece.


1991 -1996

FOUNDER, CHAIRMAN & CEO Eurobell (Holdings) Limited, became the UK’s first Commercial Broadband Cable Telephony operator and 8th largest Multiple Cable System Operator (MSO). Part of the European RACE programme.


1989 – 1991

MD of Goldcrest Communications Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldcrest Films.


1987 – 1991

FOUNDER & MD of West Midlands Cable Communications Limited, which bid for and won the largest UK broadband cable franchise at 500,000 homes in the Black Country. Went on to win Telford and Crawley Horley & Gatwick franchises. Group was sold to Southwestern Bell International Holdings in 1991.


1985 – 1987

FOUNDER & MD of Crystalvision Ltd, the first UK Cable local television News and entertainment channel. This went on to win numerous awards and became Mainline Television Limited in 1993.


1985 – 1987

FOUNDER & MD of Cable Programming Group Ltd, the first independent multi- system cable TV programming buyers consortium for UK industry.


1985 – 1987

FOUNDER & MD of Cable Guide Ltd, the first independent multisystem cable TV programming guide for UK industry.


1985 – 2006

FOUNDER, CHAIRMAN & CEO of Interactive Services & Business Developments Ltd which ultimately became in 1996 The Convergence Group Plc. (“TCG”). This was the master services and management company for all the broadband systems that followed for the next 21 years.


1982 – 1987

FOUNDER & MD of Croydon Cable Television Limited, one of first 11 broadband television franchises awarded in 1983. Became Telewest Plc and publically floated in 1994 for £1.8bn.


1980 – 1982

BUSINESS DEVLOPMENT CONSULTANT for three Dallas, Texas, based companies: D & L Corp, P.E.T.I. and Petro Management International, Inc.


1977 – 1980

FOUNDER & MD of DUVARAY Corporation became exclusive USA, Canada & Mexico, distributor for FIOS SLUMBERDOWN (UK) down and textile products.


1975 – 1977

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER & GALLERY DESIGN CONSULTANT – worked principally in USA, plus also UK and Europe.


1972 – 1975

PERSONAL BUSINESS SECRETARY to holder of large Land, Oil & Gas interest in Texas, USA,


1970 – 1972

POLITICAL AIDE to Austin City Councilman, Austin, Texas –USA


1970 – 1975

University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA

Alan Robinson Directorships

The list below excludes companies that were dormant throughout their lives and are now closed
UK Companies

Amador Ltd
Black Country Communications Ltd
Black Country Television Ltd
Cable Communications Association Ltd
Cable Guide Ltd
CAFCO (Coventry) Ltd
Convergence Airport Design Construction & Technologies Ltd
Convergence Aviation (UK) Ltd
Convergence Aviation Ltd
Convergence Group Internationsl Ltd
Convergence International Airports Organisation Ltd
Convergence International Airports Organisation Ltd
Convergence International Aviation Ltd
Convergence Technology Ltd
Croydon Cable Television Ltd
Crystalvision Ltd
CVT Solutions Ltd
ERRAF Limited
Convergence-AFCO Holdings Ltd
Eurobel (South West) Communications Ltd
Eurobell (Holdings) Plc
Eurobell (South West) Ltd
Eurobell (Sussex) Ltd
Eurobell (West Kent) Ltd
Eurobell Communications Ltd (originally named Mid Downs Cable Ltd)
Eurobell Managed Services Ltd
Goldcrest Communications Ltd
InvestUAS Ltd
Mainline Television Ltd
Marina Communications Ltd
Montrachet Limited
Paradigm CarbonTrust Partners Ltd
Paradigm Energies Equity Partners LLP
Paradigm Energies Limited
Paradigm Technologies and Systems Ltd
Skypark-Exeter Ltd
Sky Platforms Ltd
Smart Ports Ltd
SouthWest Regional Airports (Exeter) Ltd
SouthWest Regional Airports (Spain) Ltd
Stafford Telecommunications Ltd
Telford Communications Ltd
The Convergence Group Plc
West Midlands Cable Communications Ltd
West Midlands International Airport Ltd

Overseas Companies:

Convergence Aviation Ltd – Jersey
Convergence Aviation and Communications LLC – Florida, USA ( Doc#L04000042564)

Convergence Communications of Greece EPE – Greece
Convergence Group International SA – Luxembourg
Convergence Investments Inc. – USA
Convergence International, Inc. – USA
Convergence USA, Inc. – USA
Duvaray Corporation Inc – USA
Fergana Holdings Ltd – Gibraltar
New Image BioFuels LLC – Delaware, USA
Paradigm BioAviation LLC – Delaware, USA
Silk Route Properties Ltd – Cyprus
Silk Route Holdings SA – Luxembourg

Subsidiaries of Silk Route Holdings SA:
    Silk Route Italia srl – Italy
    Silk Route Capacity Sales Ltd – Cyprus
    Convergence Mediterranean Communications Ltd – Cyprus
    Silk Route Telecommunications SA – Greece
The Art of Living Inc – USA

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